Karen Flynn Celebrates 15 Years with Carbone

The Internet was a simpler place back in 2004 when Karen Flynn began her career with Carbone Auto Group. People Asked Jeeves, not Siri or Google for information. Facebook had just launched and we all still received the inevitable AOL cd in the mail. So when Karen took on the responsibility for Internet Sales, she had no idea how much her job would change over the coming years. Now, as a recruiter for the organization, she passes along that same sense of wonder and amazement at how quickly we need to adapt to the times.

“I’ve seen so much change in the way our customers interact with us since I started at Carbone,” Flynn said. “We were jumping on the bandwagon of the Internet craze with no idea how it would shape the customer experience in such a short period of time.” It was a lesson she took to heart, reminding prospective employees how important it is continuously learn and improve.

“Many of our newest employees have never known a world before the Internet,” she laughed. “It makes me wonder what’s in store for the next generation and what my grandchildren will see in their lifetimes.”

Family is a big part of drew Karen to Carbone.

“The sense of family at Carbone is very real,” said Flynn. “So many of my fondest memories from the past 15 years are of my co-workers and our involvement in the community.”

Flynn was an avid participant in America’s Greatest Heart Run/Walk every year with Carbone in support of her oldest daughter’s health issues. But seeing her fellow employees share in support of her cause and similar causes made Karen proud to call the people she worked with friends. She continues to participate in a variety of fundraising walks, local blood drives, and donating to the United Way.

Maryellen Adams, Flynn’s supervisor, noted that it is this commitment to the community that makes Karen so special. “Karen is not just a dedicated member of our Recruiting team. Her work ethic and passion for helping others is evident in everything she does and has earned the respect of those around her.”

So please join us in celebrating Karen’s 15 years with Carbone. And if you would like to learn more about helping some of her favorite causes, click on the links below:

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