iPads Deliver Joy to the House of the Good Shepherd

One of the greatest challenges disadvantaged youths face as the grow up in an ever changing world is the access to technology. Overcoming poverty, tragedy, or myriad of other hurdles can be difficult enough. But when the world around you is built on digital devices you never have a chance to use, a successful future grows further and further out of reach.

So when Enessa Carbone heard The House of the Good Shepherd wanted to help bridge that gap for its participants, she was ready to double click.

“As one of the largest employers in the area, I know how important it is for the workforce of tomorrow to be comfortable working with technology in any form,” Carbone said. “Everything is digital and so many of the tools and machinery we use are more like video games than work.”

Carbone Auto Group donated five new iPads and protective covers to the House as part of a live auction during September’s Wine All You Want fundraising event.

Leila Bjornland, the Director of Development and Communications at the House of the Good Shepherd, was on hand to receive the donated devices.

“The Carbone family is such an important part of what makes our community great,” said Bjornland. “Knowing that these kids will be better prepared for a career, not just a job, gives all of us a lot of hope for the future.”

To learn how you can help The House of the Good Shepherd, visit www.hgs-utica.com.