Art Farley Celebrates 10 Years with Carbone

When Honda owners need service for their vehicles, they look for the care a seasoned service advisor can offer when making the right decisions.

That’s why, at Carbone Honda, Art Farley is known for bringing his experience and compassion to all of his customers.

This month, Art is happy to celebrate his 10th anniversary with Carbone.

“I’ve been a service advisor since I started here at Carbone Honda. Servicing your car doesn’t have to be a stressful experience,” said Farley. “That’s why I am always looking out for ways to improve what we do and establish long term relationships with every Honda owner.”

Looking back on his career, it is those relationships he cherishes the most.

“The first time a customer returned to Carbone Honda and specifically asked for me was an incredible feeling,” smiled Farley. “Hearing how impressed they were with the way I handled their previous visit was a great reminder that everything we do makes a difference to our customers. And I take that reminder with me with every new customer I meet.”

The friendships he has made over the years with customers and co-workers alike has also been a big part of what he enjoys most at Carbone.

“Outside of work, I spend most of my free time with my family, listening to music, cooking, and watching movies. A big part of forming those solid customer relationships is relating to them on a personal level. We share stories about kids, books, movies, and life in general. I think that kind of rapport is what turns a customer into a friend.”

So whether you are a Honda service customer or co-worker, friend or family, please help us celebrate Art’s 10 years with Carbone. We are so proud to have him as part of our team.